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Frequently Asked Questions About Our New Site

Why do I no longer need to sign in?
In order to make our site more accessible, we decided to eliminate the Membership feature. For current members, this change is a step-saver. It will also make the site more user-friendly to new users, and make it easier for search engines like Google to find the information.
When I signed up, I entered my children's names and birthdates. Who can see that now?
That information is completely secure and inaccessible.
I uploaded some pictures and used the journal a few times. Can I still access that information? Can anyone else?
The information is completely secure and cannot be accessed. If you need the information, we can retrieve it for you. Feel free to contact us.
If I was a member before, do I still need to subscribe now?
No, we still have your email address. If your email address has changed, go ahead and click on the Subscribe button.