Parenting Counts is a product of Talaris Institute.

Developmental Timeline

Tools to Track Your Child's All-Around Progress

As a parent, we know that you have lots of questions about the growth and development of your child. And because children grow up so fast, you want to know what you can do to help them when it’s most needed.

We created the Developmental Timeline to help parents know what’s going on in their child’s world from birth to age 5. We do this across four categories: Physical, Social, Learning, and Communication. This way you can track your child’s development and know how you can better prepare them for a successful future.

Your Child's Development from Birth to Age Five

The Parenting Counts Timeline offers access to research-based information about your child’s development from birth to five.


Understand how your child's body is growing, including the five senses, movement and dexterity.


Recognize what your child is experiencing with their emotions, feelings and interaction with others.


Identify how you child is using memory, language and problem-solving skills to interpret the world.


Understand how you child learns to interact with listening, verbalizing, and vocabulary.

Advice For Every Age

Our Developmental Timeline lets you track what’s happening in your child’s development. We cover aspects of Physical, Social, Learning, and Communication so you can identify how to help your child in their developmental growth.